We are a full-service, independent law firm founded by Professor Alberto Piergrossi and headquartered in Milan, Italy.

We assist domestic as well as foreign companies, organizations and individuals operating across several industry sectors and foreign jurisdictions. Our services encompass a wide range of practice areas with a special focus on commercial and corporate law, IP, litigation and arbitration.

We believe in excellence. We strive to deliver outstanding legal services that comply with rigorous quality standards and efficiently address the core of our clients’ needs.

To pursue our mission and achieve the best results for our clients, we believe in a firm business-oriented attitude where a forward-thinking approach and a result-oriented sensitivity may serve the tasks we are instructed to pursue and also drive new business opportunities for our clients.

We also believe in efficiency and management innovation. The cost-effectiveness of our legal services and our responsiveness allow us to meet our clients’ needs timely and efficiently and to positively contribute to their business.