Our lawyers are accomplished litigators equipped with the strategic perspective, technical knowledge and also international experience that are vital in helping our clients choose, execute and coordinate their strategies. We understand the importance of creating efficient contractual dispute resolution procedures at the inception of a transaction and we always advise our clients on business decisions and strategies that pose a litigation risk.

We handle court proceedings as well as national and international arbitrations that raise complex technical and jurisdictional issues in a variety of industry areas. Our assistance includes assessment of claims, development of strategic litigation plans, representation at trials and appeals, enforcement of court judgments, and development of strategies to resolve complex litigation disputes, including multiple claims and class actions.

Our lawyers know how to conduct international arbitrations and cross-border litigation, including how to coordinate lawyers in other jurisdictions, and how and when to seek the assistance of local courts in the arbitration process. Our specialists also have extensive experience in cases and controversies brought before alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, including mediation and conciliation. Our litigators are experienced in the techniques of effective mediation and in the development of a mediation strategy to achieve the client’s goals. Our lawyers are regularly appointed arbitrators and mediators.

Litigation, Arbitration
and Dispute Resolution